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    Upon the acceptance of its request Tigáz will finish its universal gas service as of October 1, 2016. Details
  • tigáz
    Upon the acceptance of its request Tigáz will finish its universal gas service as of October 1, 2016. Details


JUN '1610

Sustainability Report 2015

Sustainability Report Year 2015 has been published by Tigáz Group, the report can be found and downloaded at the Sustainability section of our website. Read more

MAR '1608

Eni procurement notice

Eni S.p.A. has become aware, directly and through Group companies, of cases of fraud aimed at damaging suppliers working mainly in the iron&steel sector. Read more

FEB '1625

Tigáz announces the sale of its free market gas portfolio

Tigaz and MASZ signed an agreement for transferring Tigaz free-market gas portfolio in Hungary. Read more

AUG '1504

Tigáz Zrt universal service license is going to be withdrawn

MEKH, the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, withdrew Tigáz Zrt. universal service license effective as of October 1, 2016, upon the Company’s request. Tigáz customers will be taken over by Főgáz on behalf of the First National Public Utility Company. Read more

JUN '1516

Tigáz requests for returning its Universal Service supply license

Tigáz has filed a formal request to Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority for returning its license for Universal Service of natural gas supply. Read more

SEP '1425

100 volunteers for a kindergarten in Miskolc

100 volunteers, almost 2000 m2 of renewed walls and floors, a whole day and the infinite willingness to help. Credited to Tigaz Group, another child facility has been renewed this year too. Read more

JUN '1410

Claudio Descalzi appointed as CEO at Eni

Eni's Board of Directors appoints Claudio Descalzi as Chief Executive Officer and appoints the members of the Board committees Read more

OCT '1321

Sustainability Report 2012

Sustainability Report Year 2012 has been published by Tigáz Group, the report can be found and downloaded at the Sustainability section of our website. Read more

MAR '1311

Tigáz donation for saving lives of infants & children

Tigáz supported St Martin Pediatric Emergency Medical Service Charity with HUF 500 000, to buy a carbon-monoxide symptom diagnostic appliance. Read more

JUN '1222

New CEO at Tigáz Group

Fabrizio Dassogno has been elected as president of the Tigáz Group at the recent shareholders meeting. Read more

MAY '1224

Sustainability Report 2011

Sustainability Report Year 2011 has been published by Tigáz Group, the report can be found and downloaded at the Sustainability section of our website. Read more

MAR '1220

Changes in personal customer service

Tigáz Zrt. keeps tracking the demand of its customers, concerning areas of office, phone or online customer services. According to traffic analysises, there is a significant increase in phone and online administration, which are more popular amongst customers. Read more

OCT '1107

Customer service office moves in Gyöngyös

Our customer service office and operations in Gyöngyös move to a new modern, accessible location on the 24th October Read more

AUG '1101

Eni Hungarian Grand Prix 2011

This year was the second time, that Eni was the title sponsor of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix. The race was held from 29th to 31st of July. Read more

JUL '1120

Customer service office moves in Salgótarján

Our customer service office in Salgótarján moves to a new modern, accessible location Read more

JUL '1105

Energy Day events in two locations

Besides the cool weather of the last weekend there were a lot of interested families who were visited our Energy tent on Saturday both in Nyírmeggyes on Cherry Festival and the törökszentmiklósi Szentmiklósi Days’ event. It was the first time when we were in two different places with the Energy saving program, that shows how great was the interest in our energy-saving advice and other programs. Read more

JUN '1130

A Day for Children

After the success of last year, this year the Hajdú Bihar County Regional Child Protection Service organized an event for children on June 28, few kilometers far from Debrecen, in "Vígkend-major". About 600 children and hundreds of foster parents were invited for an unforgettable experienced day with offering a lot of exciting programs. Read more

APR '1120


With Dott. Cesare Cuniberto as chairman, the annual shareholder's meeting was held on the 20th of April at the headquarters of the company in Hajdúszoboszló, where the annual report has been accepted. Read more

APR '1111

Submit meter reading

We would like to notify our customers in FŐGÁZ földgázelosztási Kft territory, that due to the end of 90 days period of last resort supplement, in order to keep accurate accounts from 2011.04.11. to 2011.04.15 you can submit your current gas meter readings. Read more

APR '1104

TIGÁZ license is now extended to Budapest and Pest county

The extension of the universal service license of TIGÁZ Zrt. got a green light, which means the order of the Hungarian Energy Office (HEO) has arrived. Read more

APR '1101

Smile gives Energy!

As a customer-centered supplier company we continuously modernize our nearly 50 customer service offices, to provide comfortable administration environment to our customers. Read more

MAR '1111

Holiday opening hours

We would like to inform our customers, that due to the national holiday on the 15th of March, 2011, and the related transferred working day, the opening hours of our customer service offices are modified as follows Read more

MAR '1102

TIGÁZ - continues in Budapest

Form the 13th of January, 2011, Tigáz supplies gas to a part of the former customers of the EMFESZ Kft., which the Hungarian Energy Office (HEO) has suspended the gas market licence of. In order to continue this service, Tigáz asked for the modification of its universal service licence at HEO. Read more

FEB '1124

Office in Budapest will be open on Saturday

We inform our customers, that our customer service office will be open on the 26th of February, Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Read more

FEB '1111

Customer service office move in Diósd

Our customer service office in Diósd will move to a new modern, accessible location Read more

JAN '1120

Accurate accounts and reliable billing

After the chaotic period of the last few weeks, former EMFESZ consumers living in Budapest and area can now breathe again, since TIGÁZ Zrt. supplies the gas to their homes. In the current situation, all of the new Tigáz consumers can be sure, that their account will be taken care of, and their bills will be properly counted. Our customer-centric approach, and our unique services guarantees everyone, to pay for their bills easily. Read more

JAN '1118

The gas meter reading has started in Budapest

The exceptional gas meter reading has to be done in Budapest (and area) until the 4th of February regarding those consumers who were contracted with EMFESZ Kft. However, these consumers are now supplied by Tigáz, the gas meter reading must be done by the competent distributor, the FŐGÁZ Földgázelosztási Kft. Read more

JAN '1114

Tigáz will supply the gas for some of the EMFESZ consumers

There was a competition in the Hungarian Energy Office’s (HEO) tendering process for selecting the suppliers of the last resort, as a results consumers in the universal service supply territory of FŐGÁZ will be supplied by Tigaz Zrt. Read more

JAN '1113

Gas meters of ex-EMFESZ consumers will be read until 4th of February

The Hungarian Energy Office has assigned the universal gas suppliers or gas traders to all concerned consumers, who will supply the natural gas in place of the suspended EMFESZ Kft. In spite of the new supplier, gas meters of consumers, who live in the area of Tigáz universal supply will be read by the technical crew of Tigáz-DSO Kft until 4th of February, 2011. Read more

JAN '1106

Contracts with EMFESZ cancelled

Our company would like to inform those consumers who contracted with EMFESZ Kft., that on the 5th of January, 2011 (decree no. 3/2011) the Hungarian Energy Office (HEO) has suspended the gas market licence of EMFESZ Kft. form 6 a.m. 13th of January, 2011 for 90 days. The gas supply of concerned consumers are guaranteed by gas market regulations. TIGÁZ Zrt., with its highest level of consumer service is ready for the supply of the affected consumers. Read more

DEC '1023

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Tigáz wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Read more

DEC '1022

Website of the year competiton

The competition, which was promoted by the Hungarian Marketing Alliance named “Website of the year” on which the new tigáz webiste participated is now closed. Read more

DEC '1015

Holiday opening hours of customer service

We would like to inform our customers, that our customer service is open in the holiday season, except for the holidays only. Read more

NOV '1026

Vote website of the year

Our new website has been launched in May, 2010. Our primary goal was to have a modern looking easy-to-use website with an advanced online customer service system. Since then we had many positive feedbacks, so we have decided to enter for a competiton of Hungarian websites. Read more

NOV '1005

Photo competition – results!

Many thanks to all the amateur and professional photographers for the great amount of marvelous nature photos submitted during the competition this year! Read more

OCT '1029

Congratulations to the winners!

A quick registration was enough for one of our customers in Mezőtúr to win a Tigáz Voucher of 50 000 HUF, while the first 100 registered customer during the campaign got a „Tips for saving” board game. Read more

OCT '1020

Tigáz hot air balloon revealed

The 19th World Hot Air Balloon Championship was held in Debrecen between 2nd and 10th of October, 2010. Nearly 130 competitors from 5 continents tried to be the first. Tigáz balloon was not among the competitors, but showed its beauty several times to the local public. As professional the championship was, it was that marvellous to see the 5-6 ballons in the front of the Great Church every night. Truly marvellous. Read more

SEP '1027

Tigáz hot air balloon at the competition

Soon there will be balloons all over the sky above Debrecen, since the 19th World Hot Air Balloon Championship will be held there. Almost 130 participants from 33 nations will compete each other in the sky, where Tigáz will be also present. Read more

SEP '1024

Three bills in one envelope

Considering environmental and economic factors, Tigáz Zrt. choosed to send customers with equalised pro forma billing three invoices in one envelope starting from the 24th of September in the actual quarter of year. The invoices are dated according to the monthly service periods, so the due date remains calculated from the end date of the period. Read more

SEP '1008

Sheep, slambuc, Tigáz Toto

On the 5th of September, the tent arrived at Hajdúszoboszló for the Birka és Slambucfőző Örömnap. The early morning rains, fortunately, has not failed to discourage either the cooking teams, or those who were interested in saving energy. Read more

AUG '1031

Tigáz Energy Days, Földes

On the 29th of August, Tigáz happily participated the Family Day of Independent Police Workers' Union, which was the first time Tigáz was invited for this event Read more

AUG '1030

Tigáz Energy Days, Szentendre

It was the first time the Tigáz Energy Tent visited the End-summer event in Szentendre by the shores of the Bükkös streamlet Read more

AUG '1024

Festival & energy saving

This was the first time the Lake-County Festival was held in Sarud by the Tisza Lake. Tigáz represented itself with the „Energy is our passion” titled tent. Read more

AUG '1023

Hundreds were interested about the Tigáz energy tent

This was the second time the Tigáz energy tent could be found during the time of the Flower Carnival in the main square of Debrecen. Not only local people, but tourists from far away also visited our tent. Read more

AUG '1010

No Flower Carnival without Tigáz Energy Tent

The visitors of Debrecen's Flower Carnival know well, that the event lasts not only for one day, but a whole week. It is also becoming a tradition, that the Tigáz Energy Tent visits the carnival, like this year, on the 19th of August, in the front of the famous Hotel Aranybika Read more

AUG '1009

Tigáz Energydays

The aim of the Lake-County Festival in Sarud going to be held between the 13rd and 15th of August, is to present the potential values of country life for the public, and to let people know about environment friendly alternatives, techniques, practice and experience. Tigáz Energy Tent will participate this event. Read more

JUL '1030

Tigáz helps flood victims

In order to help people who live in areas damaged by the flood, Tigáz makes the process of public utility administration (public utility commission necessary for construction permit, required procedures for connection) for these homes a priority task, and for free of charge. Read more

JUL '1027

Tigáz Energydays

On the 24th of July Tigáz visited the city of Vác with the Energy tent, where the "Váci Világi Vigadalom" event was held. The weather was quite rainy, still visitors came in impressive numbres to see the event at the banks of Danube. Read more

JUL '1005

Three bills in one envelope

Tigáz Zrt. has considered environmental and economic aspects, therefore from the 24th of June customers with equalised billing will receive three bills in one envelope. The due date of the bills is still aligned to the end of the billing period. Read more

JUN '1030

Conference of Hungarian Mayors

The Conference of Hungarian Mayors was held the 8th time in Gödöllő, where mayors, and members of the Hungarian political elit were also present. The conference was opened by Dr. László Sólyom, President of the Republic, and among the exhibiting companies, the largest gas supplier of Hungary, Tigáz Zrt. was also represented. Read more

JUN '1023

Tigáz Energydays - 19 June

On the 19th of June Tigáz visited the city of Szerencs with the Energy tent. The weather was quite unfavorable, still the morning was pleasing. During this time, the visitors showed interest in the Tigáz Energy tent. Read more

JUN '1021

Tigáz Zrt. supports flood victims

Tigáz makes further steps for lessening the damage caused by the flood. Since the beginning, our technicians and experts help in the recovery at the flooded areas in increased numbers. Our company initiates other ways as well to help the families. Read more

JUN '1017

No gas bills for flood victims in June

The damage and loss caused the flood will be present in the affected towns for a long time, but it may be of assistance, that Tigáz Zrt. will send no gas bills for the customers until the 1st of July. Read more

JUN '1015

Energy saving with ties off

The operations "eni: ties off" was launched this June the fourth time, to encourage the workers at the italian energy giant and its subsidiary companies to contribute to a more rational use of energy use. Read more

MAY '1019

Tigáz listed on CSR 24/7

Designation of CSR 24/7 Rating – that was developed by B&P Braun & Partners to check CSR performance of companies, and its methodology is based on GRI indicators, and principles of UN Global Compact – derives from the maximum 24 scores and the 7 domains that it investigates. Read more

MAY '1018

The customer service office in Nyíregyháza moves to another place

Tigáz Zrt. intends to keep being at the highest level of customer service, therefore the customer service office in Nyíregyháza moves to a more accessible, frequented place. From the 7th of June, 2010, our customers can visit our office in the KORZÓ Mall (1 Nagy I. sq., Nyíregyháza). Read more

MAY '1010

Tigáz Energydays

The „Öhönforgató” Festival and Folk Art Fair will be organized in Tiszavasvári this weekend, where the Tigáz Zrt. will participate as well. There will be programs concerning energysaving advises, Tigáz quizgame, facepainter clown and a lot of gifts. Read more

MAY '1005


Sign up to our AGIP-TIGÁZ Premio Club loyalty program, and win an Italian car! To participate, all you have to do, is to use your Premio Club card at Agip stations. This means, you not only collecting points with the card, but also give yourself a chance of winning a Fiat Linea, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta or even an Alfa Romeo MiTo! Read more

APR '1026

Tigáz has won the Best Energy Supplier award

On the 26th of April in Tiszafüred was organized the awards ceremony of the Hungarian Energy Consumers’ Association (HEA). During 1995, the award is being judged in every year to the most creditable energetic service provider. On the XVII. National Conference of the HEA, the Tigaz Zrt. was given this honourable degree. Read more

APR '1012

Tigáz, as one of the best employers for new entrants

Tigáz Zrt. has won the award of being one of the top 30 best employers in Hungary. Hewitt, in association with the Figyelő happened to be the first, to compile a list of the best employers in Hungary, concerning the demands of fresh graduates and new entrants. Read more

APR '1001

Effective gas prices from 1st of April

For new effective gas prices from the 1st of April please visit the <a href="/information/Gas_price">gas prices</a> page. Read more

FEB '1001

New Tigáz logo

Blue-yellow trademark of TIGÁZ – that has become well-known since its introduction in 1995, and characterized the visual communication of the society – has been replaced to a new one, with black typeface, in accordance with the corporate identity of Eni. Typeface of ’tigáz’ is all lower case, to underline the same closeness and the equal relationship that Eni and its affiliates wants to establish with its stakeholders. Old logos are being replaced on every applications of corporate identity (correspondence, printed matters, client services, vehicles, signboards) gradually, so we are able to provide our clients and partners our service of high quality, that they were accustomed to, with a new and uniformed image. Read more

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